• About Us


    At The Toyota Template, we are passionate advocates of the Toyota Production System and the many benefits it can provide for business.

  • About Our Philosophy


    At The Toyota Template, we believe what Fujio Cho, Ohno Protege and former Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation has said, Many good companies have respect for individuals, and practice kaizen and other TPS tools.

  • Our Difference


    At The Toyota Template, our difference is simple- We are true to the Toyota Production System and use lean manufacturing, which means we have proven to deliver profitability in a short time with high quality and lower cost.

Welcome to The Toyota Template

We will help you put together your own production system to increase quality, productivity, lower costs, and shorten lead times.

Our work together will result in a sustainable production system that provides continuous improvement and adds value to your enterprise for the long term.

We’re invested in your long-term success.

We’re passionate about strong relationships with in-house and external suppliers and sustainable performance. Your success is our success.

Our solutions have a lifelong impact for all the right reasons.

We’ll ensure the transformation we create together adds value, long-term

OHNO'S Secret Weapon

The Toyota Template, we know the best method to produce items is what’s been called Ohno’s “secret weapon”. With your input, we will deploy Ohno’s “secret weapon” in your business. What's that? Click to find out.

Batch Build Pull

At The Toyota Template, we know how to pull batch-built parts and eliminate the schedules for them because we’ve done it. We follow the Toyota method. What’s that? Click to find out.


16 years of experience with the Toyota Production System helps us to consult many industries accurately.

The Toyota Template aligns with the Toyota Production System (TPS). The TPS is a Just-In-Time ( JIT) system that provides Toyota with a competitive advantage. Our goal is to help you create your own JIT system that provides you with a competitive advantage for your business.

Phil Ledbetter

Phil is the author of

The Toyota Template: The Plan for Just-In-Time and Culture Change Beyond Lean Tools.

Phil is an accomplished teacher and conference speaker having developed classes for and taught hundreds of employees on aspects of the Toyota Production System.

About The Book

Phil's book explains the critically important elements of the Toyota Production System, analyzes the sequence of implementation as the system developed, and puts these elements in a logical order of implementation based on the history and current knowledge. Additionally, it addresses the effect of each element on the development of the Toyota culture.

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