Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“The Toyota Template is about the relevance of The Toyota Production System to ‘any type of business’ today.”

Fujio Cho, Ohno Protege and former Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation has said, “Many good companies have respect for individuals, and practice kaizen and other TPS tools….But what is important is having all the elements together as a system.
It must be practiced every day in a very consistent manner, not in spurts.”

Mr. Cho’s statement starts with what many good companies are doing. They “have respect for individuals, and practice kaizen and other TPS tools”. This is true. We’ve seen this approach regularly since Toyota located in the states… and it continues today.

Mr. Cho’s caveat is key… “what is important.” It’s exactly what Mr. Cho said… “having all the elements together as a system.”
“All the elements” are the methods, concepts, and tools which Toyota adheres to daily.

What is this system? It’s Toyota’s Just-In-Time system. Taiichi Ohno, Father of The Toyota Production System, said, “Just-In-Time is an ideal system in which the items needed arrive at the side of the production line at the time and in the quantity needed.” He and his team developed this JIT system beginning with the pull method. Excepting standard work, all the methods, concepts, and tools (the elements) were developed in support of this pull method.

In fact, “Mr. Ohno believed just-in-time was a manufacturing advantage for Toyota.” Ohno believed that this Just-In-Time system was so important that… ”for many years, he would not allow anything to be recorded about it.” Some believe that Ohno feared that if the American auto industry discovered this “powerful tool” they might use it against their Japanese competition.

The Toyota Template knows that (as Ohno believed) this “powerful tool” is an advantage for any business over the competition.

We work on the simple principles of The Toyota Way! At The Toyota Template, we adhere to the Toyota Production System. Why? The answer is simple… It works! We do this by adapting the Toyota methods, concepts, and tools to your current environment.

The goal is to implement a pull system that can be developed into a Just-In-Time system, including the methods, concepts, and tools that support the system. This will be your “powerful tool” that gives you an advantage over your competition.

The co-author of the Shingo Award winning Toyota Culture, Mike Hoseus, said this about The Toyota Template… “His perspective and focus on ‘Just-In-Time’ material availability and his ‘Flow-Pull and Leveling’ perspective are missing components in many failed lean attempts.”

This is true. For those of you who’ve attempted to implement some version of “lean” prior, this “powerful tool” may not have been the goal or emphasis of those past efforts. This assures failure.

At The Toyota Template, we agree with Ohno that… ”just-in-time was a manufacturing advantage for Toyota”…and will likewise be an advantage for those who choose to follow The Toyota Template.


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