Our Profile

Our Profile


Phil Ledbetter (Principal) is a passionate advocate of the Toyota Production System and the many benefits it can provide for business. He worked as a leader in management with Toyota Motor Manufacturing – Kentucky for 16 years. As Group Leader, he learned, practiced, and taught the many elements of the TPS on the production floor. In his time at Toyota he was immersed in all aspects of Toyota Production System. Phil is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

What We Know

  • We know that the Toyota Production System (TPS) is unique in bringing operational excellence, increasing, productivity and reducing costs.
  • We know that the goal of production is to achieve a Just-In-Time (JIT) system, which greatly reduces costs, increases productivity, and changes the culture.
  • We know there are 2 requirements for achieving a “Toyota-like” production system… Will and Skill.
  • We know that The Toyota Template has the Skill.
  • We know that we make a Lean System as we adhere to the Lean Principles- Drive Value, Map Value Stream, Create Flow, Establish Pull, and Seek Perfection.


  • Toyota Production System Management (16 yrs.)
  • All aspects of the Toyota Production System
  • Consulting in many different industries.
  • Author: The Toyota Template
  • True Lean


  • Higher Quality
  • Lower Costs
  • Shorter Lead Times


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