The Toyota Production System works, Lean does not.

Fujio Cho, Ohno protégé and former Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, has said that…

“Many good companies have respect for individuals, and practice kaizen and other TPS tools…But what is important is having all the elements together as a system. It must be practiced every day in a very consistent manner, not in spurts.”

“All the elements together” make the system. These elements were developed/ implemented to support the pull method of production implemented by Ohno after his visit to the U.S. in 1956. This JIT system originated with the pull method of production.

“The Toyota Production System is a pull method. To understand its tremendous success, one has to grasp the philosophy behind it without being side-tracked by particular aspects of the system.”

Side-tracked is the current position of the Lean world. The elements of the TPS have been implemented in push systems with the expectation that they’ll produce good results. They don’t. This is because “what’s important is having all the elements together as a system.” This is a primary cause of discouragement and failure to realize Toyota-like results.

The Toyota Production System is proven to produce superior results and, as Ohno said, “the TPS is a management system that will work in any type of business.”

The TPS will work in your business too.

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