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The Toyota Template aligns with the Toyota Production System (TPS). In my book, I describe each of the elements of the TPS and how they created a Just-In-Time (JIT) system for Toyota that gives them a competitive advantage over their competition.

Our objective with your business is to create a similar JIT system. We want you to enjoy this advantage over your competition.

When you choose this path, we’ll work with you onsite at your pace. We help you prepare a lean business plan that allows you to steer the company towards its goals. Our desire is that you arrive at your own competitive advantage.

We adhere to Lean Production that means we help you prepare a business strategy that increases efficiency while reducing waste. We stick to lean six sigma principles and ensure reducing waste by streamlining your process and reducing defects by effectively solving problems.

We’ll work with your management team to implement a JIT system with all of the supporting elements. How long does this take? Well, that depends on a couple of factors.

Your current condition. We’ll assess this as it compares to the Toyota Template. This will give us an idea of how to proceed.

Your commitment. We believe there are 2 requirements: will and skill. We have the skill. Your part is the will. When both are present, great results happen.


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